Monday, 22 February 2016

Journey To Charminar

Charminar is a Monument as well as a Mosque, located at Hyderabad, Telengana , India. Itt is the recognised structure of India that situeted east bank of Musi river. The meaning of Charminar is ''Char'' means ''Four'' and ''Minar'' means'' Tower''. Qutb Shahi dynasty Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb  Shah built the Charminar in 1591. So, it was made in ancient days. It is a famous tourist spot. A large number of people visit Charminar every year.

 Amazing Charminar

Hyderabad is a large city as well as famous for many things. Many places of Hyderabad attract the eyes. There are many ways to reach this place mainly at Charminar.

By Air:

The nearest airport Begumpet airport is situated in Hyderabad. Taxis are available from the airport. Hyderabad is well connected with other major cities of India by Air. Taxis are available after reach the Airport. You can easily Reach your destination place.

By Rail:

The world's second largest railway under the Indian Railways carries more than ten million people every day. This busy station has many trains that connected with other places. Main railway stations are Begumpet Station, Hyderabad Station and Secunderabad Station. So, You can get train service from anywhere in India. Train service is also very affortable in your budget.

By Road:

The AP State Road Transport Corporation  has a busy service that connects Hyderabad to every city, town and almost all villages. There also have the facility to reach this place by bus. After reach the place to travel locally there are local buses, Taxis or auto rickshaws. There also has some good hotels where you can safely stay with your family.

The best time to visit Charminar is June-March.

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