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How To Reach Gaya

Gaya is located in the state of India, Bihar. Gaya is also known as Bodh Gaya. Actually Gaya is a holy city which is located in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Gaya is a sacred place for the Hindus for performing rituals like Pind Daan. The main language of this city is Hindi.

The Bodh Gaya

Best Time To Visit : 

Gaya is a popular city and you can visit there any time of a year but the best time is in Winter season. In this season climate remains very cool and pleasant.

Hotels Near Gaya : 

  • Hotel Darbar International Station Road, Gaya 
  • Hotel Vishal Tekari Road, Gaya 
  • Hotel Buddha Gaya City Centre, Gaya 
  • Hotel Saraogi Gaya City Centre, Gaya 
  • Hotel Gaya Regency Station Road, Gaya 
  • Hotel Shakun Station Road, Gaya 
  • Hotel City Surya Gaya City Centre, Gaya 
  • Hotel Heritage Inn Station Road, Gaya 
  • Ajatsatru Hotel Station Road, Gaya 

Travelling Procedure To Gaya:


People can reach Gaya easily by Rail, Flight or Road services. So here it is-

By Rail:

Gaya has direct Train Services from New Delhi, Kolkata (Howrah) and Mumbai. Distance is about 1100 Km  from New Delhi and 450 Km from Kolkata (Howrah Junction). Four Rajdhani Express Trains are Super-Fast trains that are available from Delhi to Gaya. Rajdhani Express trains takes 12 hours, but the other Mail Express trains take 15 to 17 hours.There are direct trains from  Kolkata to Puri, Nagpur, Indore, Lucknow. To reach kolkata to Gaya it takes 6 hour approax.Patna is connected with all the major cities of India including the metros of New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. The Mahabodhi Express is a special train that are available from Gaya to Delhi and it takes only 16 hours.

By Flight:

Gaya  also has one International Airport. Indian Airlines operates Bi-weekly Kolkata-Gaya-Bangkok and Kolkata-Gaya-Yangoon flights. Gaya is connected with major cities of India. Gaya is also connected with cities like Colombo, Bangkok, Singapore. You can get down at Patna airport too and hire taxis or buses to reach Gaya. 

By Road:

The road way is very easy from Gaya to other cities of India  by the Grand Trunk Road (NH-2). Gaya is connected with Jamshedpur, Amritsar, Delhi, Raurkella, Allahabad,Kanpur, Kolkata and Varanasi . The state capital Patna is 120 km away and well connected by road (NH-83) and train services.

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